Directions on Microsoft

Directions on Microsoft is an independent source of information for organizations that need clarity about Microsoft technologies, strategies, product roadmaps, and licensing policies.

The Challenge

Directions on Microsoft’s site had performance issues, even under normal load. The site was using a custom content access solution and various hacks had been made throughout the site. It was hard to maintain and not secure. DOM needed to Stay Classy and a Drupal solution to the content access problem and the site to be optimized for performance quickly and seamlessly.

The Solution

We started with a full architectural audit of the servers and the code base – evaluating the toolset in use, configuration of the servers, hosting requirements, and configuration along with full audit of the code and modules in use. Based on this in-depth process, our team at relief pools put a detailed plan in place to resolve the performance issues that were uncovered during the audit.

Our team implemented a number of performance improvements to their site including:

  • Proper application of Drupal best practices throughout
  • Proper implementation of Drupal 7’s caching mechanism
  • Proper utilization of Varnish
  • Dramatic streamlining of the markup

Project highlights

  • Migrated 20,000 users to Drupal
  • Implemented single sign-on federated login for partners
  • Custom user management
  • Private content area
  • PDF Watermarking