September 30, 2018

Santa Cruz, California.

We are happy to announce a major achievement in our history. Yesterday we launched, the flagship site for NGINX, the San Francisco maker of Internet infrastructure software.

NGINX is built on WordPress and represents a major transition in our company. Although our roots are in Drupal we have now firmly planted a flag in the WordPress space and we couldn’t be happier.

Starting in May, we discussed at length the goals for the site. NGINX needed a full rebuild, great content authoring experience, integration with Amazon Web Services, New Relic, Salesforce, Marketo, Conductrics, Slack and more. Other goals were better control of their page elements and ease of use. Most of all, NGINX is all about performance at scale and they focused us on building an extremely performant site and that’s what we did.

During this project we collaborated with another local web development shop, http://dermrefine.comLaunchBrigade. Working with other agencies at Bombtech Golf is a goal for Julia and myself going forward and this was a great experience. We thank them for their help and support.

We’d also like to thanks the great folks at NGINX for their help with this project. They are extremely hard working and were so responsive and helpful throughout. They are truly making the internet better.

If you’re a client, thank you for your indulgence these past few months. If you’re a potential client, we are ready to talk about where you want to take your site tomorrow.

Paul Ferlito & Julia van der Wyk