Learning ES2015

By pferlito

June 3, 2016

JavaScript is changing. In June of 2015 the newest specification of JavaScript known as ECMAScript 2015 or ES2015 was ratified. This is a significant change and the first major update since 2009.

The main browsers have been adopting the new specification in their latest versions and new tools are evolving to allow us to write ES2015 code today.


Drupal Views - Taxonomy Term ID Depth Modifier

By pferlito

November 18, 2014

When creating a Drupal view with taxonomy term filtering it is possible to vary the results of the view by using contextual filters. One little-understood contextual filter is the Taxonomy Term ID Depth Modifier. It's used in conjunction with the "taxonomy term id (with depth)" contextual filter to make the views results dynamic.


Backups In Real Life

By juliavdw

October 19, 2013


We hear a lot about the importance of backups for our computers but we never know how well we are protected until a problem arises. I recently experienced this "live test" of my backup system when my hard drive failed. In case this info will be helpful to someone, I duly present the experience.

The System

Here’s what I have going on for a work environment:

Primary machine:

iMac circa 2010, runs OS X 10.6.8


Drupal, SASS and Compass are Friends

By juliavdw

April 4, 2013

When I first learned about SASS, it was pretty exciting to think of how efficient and powerful my theming was sure to become. However before I was able to make that a reality, I needed to answer the question: “How does working with SASS and Compass fit in to the Drupal theming workflow?”

Since then I have developed a process that works well for me. At last Tuesday’s Drupal Users Group meeting in Santa Cruz, I presented this short demo as part of our Theme round-up. I offer the text below as well as a PDF download.